Retirement and Downsizing/Packing

I should have listened to my daughter Naisha Patterson owner of Brownstone Closets. She told me that I had too much stuff that I did not need. If I would have listened to her I would not have so much stuff to get rid of. I can not take a three bedroom, three and half bathroom, large completed basement house full of furniture to a two bedroom one bathroom apartment. That's what I call downsizing

Downsizing is rewarding when you are almost done packing and then moving to your new home. I will feel even better when I hand over the keys to the house and receive my check. I am often asked am I okay wit downsizing and moving. If you really know me that is a question you should not have to ask. I very, very rarely do anything I'm not sure about. God is my go to and he never leads me wrong.

Do not wait until you retire to get rid of stuff. There are things in your garage, storage or somewhere in the house that you have not looked at for months. You probably do not remember that you have it or why you have it. There was plenty of stuff in my garage and the basement that I forgot I bought it and why I bought it. I was able to donate, sell and give away a lot of stuff. There is always someone that can use the stuff that you are not using.

Get rid of the STUFF!