It seems as though I have been an educator all of my life. I guess I have and  always will be.  I have taught students at every level and I have supervised various district programs. I retired as a NYC Department of Education Middle School Assistant Principal. My commute to and from work totaled six hours a day. Yes, six hours a day. I went to work everyday with a smile on my face. 

Now that I have retired I am able to enjoy many activities. I recommend taking a cruise. This is a perfect way to begin retirement. On a cruise you are pampered. You do not have to cook, clean or make up your bed. I ate often, danced, played games and was entertained by "Broadway" talent.  If I did not want to do anything but lay out by the pool or on the top deck, I did that also. 

There are many people who are eligible to retire but are afraid to start that new chapter in life.  They don't know what they will do.  I love helping people so I started this company. Although we specialize in educators,we will help you too.  We will help you with planning for the emotional part of retirement.  Retired&Lovinit,LLC provides  3,9 and 12 month contracts that provides pre-retires with an emotional retirement plan. The plan includes next steps and resources that leads to a smooth and uplifting retirement.