California Here I Come!

It is time for the last planned trip of Summer 2015. I am a procrastinator so I haven't started packing yet. When do you start to pack for a vacation? The one thing that I did pack was my passport. I can not forget that again. I will definitely take my Retirement Tools.

The last time we went to San Diego I forgot my passport and was not able to go to Mexico. After my travel companions came back from Mexico I was told that my drivers license would have been sufficient, I did not want to take that chance. 

I am preparing to go to California, I leave in three weeks. I have my tickets thanks to Lisa McCants of A 1 Diamond Travel. I have to pack. I think that I will do a little shopping. A new outfit is a good thing. 

We will stay in San Diego then drive to Los Angles and Malibu beach. Then we will return to San Diego take the train to Mexico for the day. The rest of the trip will be spent in San Diego. I can't wait to take plenty of pictures.

Stay Tuned!