Retirement Happiness is Traveling

I am so Retired&Lovinit!!! I want you to be also. There are so many things to keep you busy and happy. I thought that when I retired I would have so much time. I still need more time in the day to do all of the things that I want to do and to do all of the things that I have to do. Whenever I travel I make sure use my tote bag and wear my t-shirts that tell the world how happy I am to be retired. You can have one too, push the Shop button on the website.

I love to travel. I do not like to fly but the places that I want to travel to, the airplane is the best method of transportation. My bestie (best friend) and I went to Playa de Carmen, Mexico for four days and three nights.  We stayed at the Adult Only All Inclusive Iberostar Grand Hotel Paraiso. We had a private butler and a concierge that was assigned to our floor. The butler provided us with whatever we needed to help make our stay great. The concierge made our reservations for the specialty restaurants and took care of our boarding passes.

We planned this trip to be one of relaxation and Girl Talk. That is exactly what it was. Our day started with a buffet breakfast looking out at the huge pool and the beach. We relaxed on the deck, went in the Jacuzzi (hot and cold) and sampled the pool. We drank Tequila and water as we had Girl Talk. There was a private beach but it had sand so we did not stay there long. Back to the pool.

I would like to share a few tips that I have picked up for a smoother travel experience.

· Apply for TSA Pre-Check

·      Get to the airport early

·      Do your check in with your airline online the night before flying

·      Print your boarding passes the night before flying

·      Go on the airline website to choose your seats

·      Use a suitcase that can fit overhead on the plane.

·      Travel as light as possible.

·      I use Expedia to book my trips. There are other travel sites that offer low cost trips, which include airfare and hotel.

·      I have signed up for Expedia Rewards. I have received discounts for new trips.

·      Sign up for airline reward points.

·      Sign up for hotel reward points.

I hope my travel tips are of great use to you. I will be sharing more.