Having a Plan!

I am Retired&Lovinit!!! I enjoy myself, I am happy. That is what retirement is about. You should be happy doing whatever it is that makes you happy.

I enjoy traveling, reading, watching television, shopping and many other activities. I started a business Retired&Lovinit, LLC and I stay active. My biggest responsibility is caring for my 94 years young mother.

It can be emotionally straining when you care for your elderly parent especially when they have dementia. My mother’s memory is ok but she hallucinates. She tells me that the clients and employees are plotting to kill her. They are going to cut her up and put her in a garbage bag. They are also going to get me because I bring her money. She sometimes believes everyone doesn’t like her. But everyone loves her she is really funny. There is more but the tears are coming.

Visiting is emotionally draining but I go 3-5 times a week. She is my mother, I love her very much. I make sure that she has whatever she wants.

         You should have a conversation with your parents before you have to make it for them. I used to tell my mother to move to the state that one of her children lived in before the decision had to be made for her.  She lived by herself in Maryland. My siblings live in New York and I live in New Jersey.  I visited her one-day and realized that I could not leave her there too much longer. I moved her in with me, but did not know that she had dementia.

         I have an Emotional Retirement Plan. Most of it is going as planned. The plan included my mom living and traveling with me. That is not the case today. I am so Retired&Lovinit!!!  You need an Emotional Retirement Plan. Because of the plan I can function with what I had not planned for.