Maybe, I Should Stay In New Jersey

California, Delaware, Florida and Georgia were discussed in the last four posts of the series “Yes, I Will Relocate When I Retire”. Florida has been taken off of the list of ten, making it a list of nine possible places that I will relocate to. The places are listed in alphabetical order. Next on the list is New Jersey.  


New Jersey is on the list because New Jersey is where I presently live. I am originally from Brooklyn New York. Brooklyn New York will always be my home, no matter where I live. I was born and lived in Brooklyn New York up until ten years ago when I moved to Gloucester Township in Camden County. Gloucester Township is located in the southern part of New Jersey. I had house built here, which I have since sold and downsized to a two bedroom, one bath apartment in Gloucester Township.

I love living in Gloucester Township New Jersey. Yes, New Jersey real estate taxes are high. The real estate taxes on my $225,000 house were close to $7000. But coming from New York I can see where the taxes are spent here. The school system is very good. If I had stayed in New York I would have paid for private school for my son. The price of private school would have equaled to the price of my real estate taxes. The price of gas here is significantly cheaper than New York. The price of gas went up 14 cents in September. It is illegal to pump your own gas in New Jersey. I like that law. I hated pumping gas.

 Gloucester Township is near major highways, great malls, great restaurants and parks. Gloucester Township is about ten to fifteen minutes from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, about forty-five minutes from Atlantic City, about thirty minutes from No tax state Delaware and about two hours from New York City, depending on who is driving.

 With the exception of the five years that I lived in each of my houses I have moved every two years since I was eighteen. My family and friends call me The Nomad. I have had great reasons for each of my moves. Believe me, I do not enjoy packing up and moving. But I refuse to pay and stay where I am not content. I am getting older and moving is getting harder to do. If I decide to stay in New Jersey I will most likely stay in Gloucester Township.  

Philadelphia International Airport is a major hub. The airport is a twenty-minute drive in light traffic. I can fly straight to other states and countries from there. Amtrak has a major station in Philadelphia. Greyhound has a bus station in Philadelphia and one closer in Mount Laurel, New Jersey.

 New Jersey has four seasons. The weather can get very hot in the summer and very cold and snowy in the winter. It can be very windy here. The wind has knocked electrical power out and knocked trees down.

 New Jersey is one of the wealthiest states in the United States. The cost of living is the eighth highest in the country according to METRIC and well above the national average.  The sales tax is 6%, but there is not tax on clothing and shoes. New Jersey has the highest real estate tax in the country. New Jersey has both an inheritance and an estate tax. New Jersey does not tax Social Security. New Jersey does not tax Military pensions but does tax other types of pensions.

 New Jersey does not seem like a very retirement friendly state. My pension is taxed and real estate taxes are high. Many retired residents who have lived here all of their lives relocate out of New Jersey because they can not afford to live comfortably because of the real estate taxes. Coming from New York ten years ago I do not see that the cost of living is that different. It all depends on what your retirement income is like.

 New Jersey beaches are known to be some of the best in the world. Living in towns like Cape May, Manahawkin and Ocean City would meet one of my must-haves of being near the beach. Depending on where you live in New Jersey the crime rate is low.

 In Gloucester Township there is crime, but not a high rate. There are many farms so that you can get your fruits and vegetables fresh. I am very close to a major hub airport. I am near two major cities Philadelphia and New York City. The weather is not warm year round. I am not very close to the beach. The cost of a two- bedroom apartment averages around $1400 a month.

 I have gotten comfortable here. At this time I am still not sure as to where I will spend my retirement life. Come back in two weeks, I will be looking at North Carolina.