What Is It About Georgia? Maybe The Peaches?

 I am so Retired&Lovinit!!! I am ready to relocate. But where? 

Okay, I still am looking at California and Delaware as maybe relocation spots. I deleted Florida from the list because it is too hot, there are reptiles where I don’t want them to be and the hurricanes can cause a lot of damage. Georgia is next but was fourth on the list of possible places for my relocation. Since I have gotten rid of Florida, Georgia is third on the list of nine.

Just a reminder of my must haves;

·      nice weather year round

·      on the beach or a great view of the beach

·      near a major airport hub

·      low cost of living

·      does not tax pensions

·      low crime rate

·      low taxes

·      low retail taxes

·      affordable housing

I know that it will not be easy to find one place that has everything that I am looking for, but I must have most.

Georgia is located in the southeastern region of the United States. The city of Atlanta is the capital of Georgia. Atlanta, Macon, Augusta and Savannah are popular cities in the state of Georgia. Georgia is the last of the original thirteen colonies. Georgia was the fourth state to ratify the United States Constitution on January 2, 1788. Georgia was one of the original seven Confederate states. Georgia known as the Peach State.

Georgia is bordered by Florida on the south, Atlantic Ocean and South Carolina on the east, Alabama to the west and to the north by Tennessee and North Carolina.

The majority of the state climate is mostly a humid and subtropical. Hot and moist summers are the norm. Depending on where you are at in Georgia, the average temperature in December is around 54-63 degrees.  Not all of Georgia has the weather that I want during the winter months. The Atlanta area received snow a few years ago and the city was shut down.

According to Kiplinger.com, Georgia is ranked fifth on the most-tax friendly state behind Alaska, Wyoming, Nevada and Mississippi and immediately ahead of Delaware. And if you have been following this blog series, you know that Delaware is one of my relocation maybe states. Georgia has no state inheritance or estate tax.  Social Security is not taxed. If you are sixty-four or over there is a deduction of $6500 on your retirement income. Income tax is 6.00% and Sales tax is 7.00%. Real estate taxes are very reasonable. But taxes is not the only criteria on my must have list. 

Welcome to historic St. Mary's

I have chosen St. Mary’s as a maybe city in Georgia my maybe state for relocation. St. Mary’s is located in Camden County. St. Mary’s is on the coastal city.  The south of St. Mary’s is bordered by Florida. Jacksonville, Florida is about a thirty-minute drive away from St. Mary’s. The average high temperature in December is 65 degrees, but it has been known to get colder. On December 12, 2016 the temperature was 70 degrees. The closest major airport is Jacksonville International Airport about twenty to thirty minutes away. Jacksonville International Airport is not a major hub. I would have to fly somewhere else to get many places. The cost of living in St. Mary’s is lower than the average cost of living for the United States. I was able to find several three-bedroom, two-bathroom apartments between $549 and $1200. Of course I will rent first to make sure that is where I want to be.  There is some information that says the crime rate is low. When and if I decide to visit I will speak with the residents to make sure.

I have visited Marietta, Georgia every June for the last few years. The weather is lovely and I like the vibes. Marietta is not a coastal city so I did not choose it as a maybe relocation spot. I did not choose Atlanta, which is a very popular retirement relocation spot. Atlanta is too busy for me and the cost of living doesn’t meet my criteria. St. Mary’s meets most of my criteria.  However, it is not warm in St.Mary’s all year round and it is not close to a major hub airport.  As of now St. Mary’s is a place that I will visit to see if I would want to move there permanently.

Make sure you come back in two weeks to see what I have to say about New Jersey. New Jersey is on the list because New Jersey has been where I have lived for the last ten years. Sometimes you might want to stay where you are living. Come back in two weeks to see why and/or why not.