Retirement and Travel

Retirement and Travel

This is the life! Cruising is the best first retirement vacation. Taking a cruise very soon after you retire is highly recommended. After six hours a day of commuting this cruise was very much needed. I was able to eat, drink, enjoy entertainment and visit several ports.

Just laying here as the ship pulls out is fascinating.  Looking out at all of that water and enjoying the breeze. Wow! Watching the waves brings a nice calmness. There is plenty delicious food and there is a variety to choose from.  All day and all night!

When you cruise you get to visit several countries in a few days. You only get to see a snippet but if you really like the country and want to see more, you can come back.  You may stop in a country that you really do not like, on a cruise you can come back to the ship.

There is entertainment every night. There are games that you can participate in or just watch.  There were days that I did not want to do anything, so I laid out by the pool or on the deck.

There are things that I recommend to help make the trip easier.

·      Pack as light as possible. You have just retired you do not need a lot of clothes.

·      Arrive at the ship as close to the time they give you when they will let you board. Lines get long later and there is always a welcome party.

·      Spend the night before the cruise at a hotel in the city the ship is leaving from or take an early flight

·      Base your return flight on the time that they give you. You do not want to have to rush or worse miss your plane

A few months later I went on another cruise with a different company.  I enjoyed that cruise even more. I was relaxed enough, now I wanted to enjoy everything all day and night. There are so many ways to be Retired&Lovinit!