Retirement and Downsizing

     I relocated from Brooklyn NY. I owned a brownstone. I sold the brownstone, built a house in Southern New Jersey and relocated. This house  was a template that I made a home. I personalized it with a  touch of delightfulness. I was in love. The house was great for my son,daughter, granddaughter and myself. 

     I had a six hour commute to Brooklyn NY everyday where I was employed as a middle school assistant principal. When I came home I was too tired to enjoy my house.I stayed in my bedroom most of the time.  I worked for the school system which meant that I was off weekends, holidays, school breaks and the summer. I did this commute for seven years and then I was able to #retire.

     I retired and planned on enjoying the house that I loved. I painted and bought furniture. I designed a family room in the basement. The family room consisted of a big screen television, gaming consoles, exercise equipment and a small office space. I was very happy. I had finally gotten the house to where I wanted it. The house was gorgeous.What made the house gorgeous, needed to be cleaned and maintained.  How did I do all of this cleaning when I was working and commuting? 

After a lot of going back and forth, I made the decision to #downsize. This was a difficult decision to make. I was tired of shoveling the snow,cleaning  and maintaining. Having all of this house caused me to having a lot of stuff. Now I have to get rid of all of this stuff that can not fit into the new apartment. I had 3 couches, a desk, 2 dining room sets and much more to get rid of.  A yard sale would not work.   How do I get rid of all of this stuff? I will give it away, this is easier than trying to sell it. 

     I did not want the responsibility of owning again. I started to look at apartments. Deciding what would be best was difficult. Finally, I found an apartment that met my needs and worked for my pocketbook. I continue to be #retired and lovinit.