Philadelphia Cheesesteak! Yum! Yum! Yummy!

So are you still as confused as I am?

 If you have been keeping up with the series “Yes, I Will Relocate When I Retire”, you are expecting to read about relocating to other countries in this post. I must apologize I have moved things around. When I started to think about other countries I got too excited. I realized that I would not be able to concentrate on the other states after writing about other countries. So I have decided to write about relocation to other countries last and move everything else up. Therefore, Pennsylvania will be the next place that I will be discussing.

Pennsylvania is one of the original thirteen colonies. Pennsylvania was the second state to ratify the United States Constitution. Pennsylvania is a Commonwealth state located in the Northeastern and Mid Atlantic region of the United States. Pennsylvania is bordered by Delaware on the southeast, Maryland to the south, West Virginia to the southwest, Ohio to the west, Lake Erie and the Canadian province of Ontario to the northwest, New York to the north and New Jersey to the east.

Pennsylvania has wide stretches of farmland, national forests and mountains. There is fifty miles of coastline on Lake Erie. Summers are humid and winters are usually very cold. There are frequent snowstorms.  Tornados visit every year.

Why Pennsylvania? Well, let me share with you what Pennsylvania offers for the Retired&Lovinit! Pennsylvania does not tax your pension and your Social Security funds. There is inheritance and estate taxes.  Pennsylvania has one of the lowest income tax rates, a flat rate of 3.07%; some towns add an additional tax amount. The sales tax is 6%.  Pennsylvania is the thirty-third least expensive state according to MERIC.

According to, Carlisle, Lewisburg, Meadville, Pittsburgh, Titusville and Lancaster are a few of the best cities to retire in Pennsylvania. Philadelphia is the largest city in Pennsylvania and an exceptional urban retirement spot with plenty to do and experiences to experience. Philadelphia is the city in Pennsylvania that I will focus on.

 Philadelphia has a major airport hub. There is Amtrak and Greyhound to travel throughout the United States. Philadelphia has fantastic museums, many historical places to visit, a great zoo and great sport teams. Philadelphia is known for having the best cheesesteaks. There are many great restaurants and cultural events. The nearest beach is close to a two-hour drive (depending on who is driving).

 The cost of living is lower than the national average. The price of renting an apartment can vary depending on what part of Philadelphia you live in. Just like in any large city, if you want to live where everything is happening it can be expensive for the Retired&Lovinit. The prices of homes are usually less expensive than the majority of the United States. Philadelphia is known to have a high crime rate.

 Philadelphia does not meet many of my must haves. But I think I will keep it in the running. Philadelphia can have a small town feel in a big city atmosphere. I would want to live in the middle of all of the excitement. This might be out of my pocketbook range. But I won’t say that it can’t happen!

Choose your must-haves carefully. Remember that no place is perfect or may fit you perfectly. You have to know what is most important to you for your retirement days.

                                                                 See you soon!