When You Need To Get Away Why Don't You???

Planning is important, but sometimes doing things last minute can turn out to be a good thing. When you are retired you have the time (hopefully the money) to take last minute trips. Taking last minute trips can save you money and give you happiness. I always say retirement is about being happy.

My Bestie and I are both retired and have busy lives in which we care for others. We were talking on the phone one day and both of us blurted out that we needed a quick inexpensive get away to some place warm. Mexico is inexpensive and warm. Mexico’s monetary currency is pesos. The Unite States $1 was equivalent to 15 Mexican pesos during our stay. The numbers change, usually beneficial to the US.

My Bestie was able to book an eight-day stay at Royal Islander a time-share resort in Cancun Mexico. We paid $130 each for a room on the top floor with a balcony overlooking the beach and the pool. Our round-trip, non- stop airplane tickets were $300 each. Our flights were good with great seats going to and from Mexico. We were able to eat and drink well at a very inexpensive price. The totalfood and drink bill for seven days was $260 for the both of us after a $100 credit. We have spent that for a dinner at our favorite restaurant.

Our concierge booked us a trip to one of their other properties to listen to a Time Share presentation. Yes, I was tempted to buy. What they were saying made sense. We were given $100 credit to our account. This helped decrease our food and drink bill at checkout. 

The water was blue, beautiful but a little rough. The waves were very high and exciting to look at. We got up early one morning to watch the sun rise it was beautiful. At first there was nothing there and then the sun crept up in the sky.

Most of the trip was spent lying out by the pool, enjoying the heat from the sun, the music and of course cold drinks. We planned to go to the zoo, to a show and Karaoke Night. We did none of that. We wanted tranquility and this resort was the spot for it. The majority of the guests were a mature crowd.

 Why is it that I am always excited to go away and very happy to come home? This was a good vacation because of my traveling partner, we did what we wanted to do and we had a great time! Retirement is about being happy and this trip made me happy!!!

It is important to figure out what makes you happy so that you can be Retired&Lovinit!!!!