Retirement and Starting a Business

Retirement and Starting a Business

 Retirement is a new chapter in your life. Everyday I feel like I have hit Lotto, without getting the millions.  LOL. Retirement is about being happy. You should be doing things that make you happy during your retirement.  What makes you happy? Do you have any hobbies?

Have you ever thought about starting a business? Hobbies can be turned into a business.  Do you knit, crochet, sew, draw, travel, love taking pictures or enjoy decorating? All of those activities can become a business. There are so many hobbies that exist that can become a business. Why not make money doing what you enjoy doing?

 I like helping people. I knew that I wanted to start a small business. My daughter, Naisha Patterson, owner of Brownstone Closets, motivated me to start my business.  She works full time, has a teen- age daughter and loves running her business. She does it very well.

 Deciding the purpose of my business was easy.  I had several conversations with colleagues about retirement. I asked why they were still at the job, when they had the age and the years to retire. All of them said they were scared and that they did not know what they would do.  Two of them retired after our conversation.  I helped them to see that there were many things that they could do.  One is doing well as a realtor. The other travels, volunteers and enjoys lunches with other retirees.

 That is why I started Retired&Lovinit, LLC.  I consult with those who have the age, years and are financially ready for retirement, plan for the emotional part of their retirement. Relocation and keeping busy are just a few things that I will help the pre-retired and the newly retired prepare for. If you are already retired I will be glad to help you make retirement happier. I am an Emotional Retirement Planner. 

 Here are a few tips for starting your business:

·     Do what makes you happy and that you will enjoy doing

·     Create a name and check with your state’s business bureau, if it is available

·     What type of business will you have?

·     Where will you run your business?

·     How will you fund your business?

There are several other things that you need to do and know about having a business. I suggest you do lots of research and hire a business coach.

 I have a business coach Tasha Robinson, ICB Consults. She supports, educates and pushes me. I have learned a lot from her. She cares about her clients and wants them to succeed.  She also directs you to resources that are beneficial to having a successful business.

 Having a business when you are retired is rewarding.  I am never bored because there is always something to do, places to go and people to network with that will help to make my business successful.

 Good luck to you with your retirement endeavors.

    I am So Retired&Lovinit!!!