Virginia Is For Lovers and The Retired&Lovinit!


Virginia is not just for Lovers; it is also for the Retired&Lovinit! I am sure you already know that Virginia is the next relocation spot discussed in my blog series, “Yes, I Will Relocate When I Retire”. Virginia is also the last state discussed in this series. Other countries are next on the blog series.

Just in case you do not remember my must-haves for my relocation spot, let me share.

·     Doesn’t tax my pension

·     Low cost of living

·     Short drive to a major hub airport

·     Near or on the beach or lake

·     Low taxes

·     Warm weather year round

·     Safe living

·     Affordable housing with great amenities

Virginia is a Commonwealth state located in the Mid-Atlantic area of the United States and is one of the 13 original colonies. Virginia extends from the Chesapeake Bay to the Appalachian Mountains, with a long Atlantic coastline. Virginia is bordered by Maryland and Washington D.C. to the north and east; by the Atlantic Ocean to the east; by North Carolina to the south; by Tennessee to the southwest; by Kentucky to the west; and West Virginia to the north and west.

Geographically, Virginia is made up of five regions from east to west; Tidewater Piedmont, Blue Ridge Mountains, Ridge and Valley, and Cumberland Plateau. The climate is temperate and gets warmer and more humid the farther south and east you go. Hurricanes and tornadoes are known to happen.

Virginia will tax your pension but not your Social Security. Sales and Use tax is 5.3%, an additional 1% additional local tax. The property taxes are low. Property taxes are a percentage of the original cost. Those seniors, who rely solely on Social Security and other retirement income totaling less than $12,000, do not have to pay state taxes on their retirement income.

The largest naval base, Naval Station Norfolk is located in Norfolk, Virginia. Norfolk, Newport News and Virginia Beach are major tourist cities that are across the bridge from each other. Virginia Beach is a city with everything and anything that you can want for food, entertainment, climate, education and housing. There is great healthcare.

I chose Virginia as one of my maybe relocation spots because of Virginia Beach. We visit there every year, so why not think about living there. Of course I would want to live very close to or on the beach. I was able to find a three bedroom, two bathroom, 1075 square feet, and onsite laundry apartment for $1315, which is very close to the oceanfront. This apartment is 26 minutes from Norfolk Airport, which is not a Major Hub.

The cost of living in the Virginia Beach-Norfolk-Newport News area is 17% higher than the National average but 33.52% less than NYC.  So after living in NYC most of my life, that is very inexpensive to me. There are other cities in Virginia that have good living for the retiree, but I want to be near the beach. It seems as though major tourist beach cities have a higher cost of living than other regions of the state.  I don’t mind paying a little extra for living near or on the beach!!!

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Texans Do It Big

texas beach

I hope that you have been enjoying my blog series “Yes, I Will Relocate When I Retire”. I have enjoyed sharing my search for my relocation spot with you. I hope that I have shared some info that was beneficial for you and your search. Next on the list as a possible place that I will relocate to is The Lone Star State, Texas.

Texas joined the United States in 1845 as the twenty-eighth state. Texas is the second largest state in size and people. Texas is located on the south central part of the United States. Spain, France and Mexico once ruled Texas. Texas shares its borders with Louisiana to the east, Arkansas to the northeast, Oklahoma to the north, New Mexico to the west, Mexico to the southwest and the Gulf of Mexico to the southeast.

Austin is the capital and is known for its diverse music scene. Dallas, San Antonio and Houston are well known cities in Texas. Houston is the fourth largest city (in population) in the United States.The geography of Texas is very unique. It is made up of coasts, beaches, rolling hills, plains, grasslands, prairies, forests, mountains, bayous, canyons and deserts.

Texas has no income tax. All retirement income is tax-free. That means your pension and Social Security income are not taxed. Texas has no inheritance or estate taxes. Property taxes are much higher than most other states, it being fourteenth highest in the United States. If you are over 65, there is a freeze on school taxes. Sales tax is 6.25%, but cities and counties can increase it.

Texas’ has a humid-sub tropical climate. Summers are very hot and humid with frequent thunderstorms. These thunderstorms can bring massive floods. Hurricanes and tornadoes are a norm. January is usually the coldest month. Winters are usually mild especially in southern Texas.

So far Texas has met most of my must haves. Low cost of living, no taxes on my pension and warm weather year round. There are several beach areas; South Padre Island, Corpus Christi, Port Aransas and Galveston to name a few.

Galveston is about fifty miles from Houston. It has the conveniences of a larger city but has a tight knit small town friendliness. Port Aransas has eighteen miles of fine beaches, low crime, a spirited art scene and great food. South Padre Island is at the southern most end of Texas, with subtropical temperatures that rarely go below 65 degrees in the winter.

I found rentals ranging from $700-$2000 for two or three bedrooms, 1-2 bathrooms, from 680 square feet -1320 square feet located on or very close to the beach, in the above beach towns. Of course it depends on which city I would choose. I would definitely have to go to visit these cities if they make the short list.

Low cost of living, plenty of space, warm weather, exciting cities, lively college towns, no taxes on retirement income, affordable housing, a wealth of experiences and charming small towns is why Texas is on my list of possible relocation places. Galveston is the closest to Houston airport, which is a major hub. The heat and destructive hurricanes might cause Texas to not make the short list.

There will be three more blogs, Virginia, other countries and my final decision. Hope this was helpful for you!!!